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Our team of commercial epoxy floor contractors in Arkansas understands the strict guidelines that flooring in your commercial facility must stay within. The types of flooring that have been available in said facilities are typically bland and don’t last very long in the harsh environment. With our commercial epoxy flooring systems, your flooring will be durable, attractive, safe, easy to maintain and have many other benefits for your facility. Don’t let the times pass you by and use old, ugly and outdated flooring, with our commercial epoxy flooring, the future is now!



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    Where commercial epoxy floorings are used

    Many other commercial facilities trust the performance of our commercial epoxy flooring and use them without a second thought. Our commercial epoxy flooring is a versatile flooring system that can keep your concrete slab safe, maintain a like-new appearance for decades and is easy to clean. Though commercial epoxy is a rugged material, it is also more attractive than many of the commercial flooring that is on the market.
    Let’s take a look of some of the commercial facilities that use commercial epoxy flooring today.
    • Food and beverage facilities use commercial epoxy flooring for its durability and stain resistance
    • Veterinarian offices and kennels
    • Public offices such as schools and police stations
    • Retail storefronts and grocery stores
    • Medical facilities such as operating theaters
    • Garages and car dealerships
    • Restaurants and commercial kitchens
    • Correctional facilities
    • Warehouses use commercial epoxy flooring for its ability to withstand heavy traffic from forklifts as well as harsh chemicals that may be spilled or used for cleaning. Commercial epoxy flooring also allows the ability to place markers such as arrows and barriers to direct traffic, keep your workers safe and more efficient.

    Benefits of commercial epoxy flooring in Arkansas

    Our customers rant and rave about how they love all of the benefits that our commercial epoxy flooring brings to the table. Not sure if you’re ready to take the leap into the realm of commercial epoxy flooring? Below are a few of the many benefits commercial epoxy flooring that may just change your mind.
    Commercial Concrete Epoxy Arkansas

    Seamless and hygienic

    Commercial epoxy flooring is a USDA approved flooring, making it perfect for facilities that handle food or beverages as well as the medical field. Commercial epoxy floor coatings are a seamless and extremely hygienic flooring solution as most contaminants have no chance to hide and reproduce. In many food and beverage facilities, there is a chance for accidents resulting in spilled goods. Such spilled goods if not properly cleaned will breed mold and bacteria that can cause a shutdown. With commercial epoxy flooring, the seamless surface will isolate all spills on the surface, making them easy to clean and offering no place to hide.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installers

    Resists chemicals and stains

    Commercial epoxy flooring is extremely resilient to stains as the top coat is nonporous and solid. Not only is commercial epoxy flooring resistant to stains, but they are also resistant to the harsh chemicals that may be used for cleaning. A popular facility that uses commercial epoxy flooring for these reasons is veterinarian offices. When an animal has an accident, there is no worry for staining that a traditional flooring would not be able to resist. When it comes to cleaning commercial epoxy flooring can withstand the harshest chemicals you can throw at it, resulting in a super clean floor.

    Epoxy Flooring

    Extreme durability

    Commercial epoxy floor coatings are some of the strongest floorings on the market. Commercial epoxy is proven to withstand heavy traffic from pedestrians, heavy machinery, and the test of time. Even in the harshest environments, commercial epoxy floor coatings have been known to last decades all while maintaining a like new appearance. Not only will your epoxy flooring last decades, but it will also substantially increase the life of your concrete slab. Commercial epoxy flooring can increase the strength of your concrete flooring by up to 300 percent and make your slab last 2-3 times longer.

    Commercial Epoxy Arkansas

    Easy to maintain

    Commercial epoxy flooring in Arkansas is the easiest flooring solution to maintain on the market. Epoxy flooring doesn’t require any type of polishing or waxes to maintain its shiny and sleek appearance. With no waxes or polishes, all you will need to clean your flooring is a soft bristle mop or a dust mop and a standard mop! For a lightly soiled floor, just sweep the debris and mop any liquids. For a more heavily soiled floor, you can go as far to use a standard hose to rinse down the floor and mop dry! Commercial epoxy flooring has been named worry free flooring for good reason.

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    Endless customization

    The durability and easy maintenance are good enough for most of our customers but, a major selling point for us is the endless customization epoxy offers for our customers. With an endless amount of colors and textures, we are sure to please any type of palet or need you may have. We can go as far to put your companies logo in your storefront to using our epoxy to create arrows to direct forklift traffic to create barriers to mark safe zones for workers and pedestrians. Using a bright color with epoxies highly reflective surface will decrease the need for additional lighting, saving you money!

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still unsure if your business can benefit from commercial epoxy flooring? Have a few questions you want to be answered before you make a change? We have a few of the most asked questions we receive from our clients below. If you have a more specific question, be sure to contact us today!
    How durable are commercial epoxy resins?
    Commercial epoxy flooring is as strong as they come. With the ability to withstand heavy impact and withstand chemicals such as acid, your flooring will be able to take extreme abuse for up to 20 years!
    How long will commercial epoxy flooring last in my facility?
    Depending on the current condition of the existing concrete slab, under harsh conditions can last up to 20 years. Commercial epoxy flooring in Arkansas is able to last this long because the epoxy creates a superior bond to your concrete, keeping it in place for decades.
    Does your company offer free quotes?
    Yes we do! If you are ready to take the next step into your future with a commercial epoxy floor coating, give us a call today and we can get the ball rolling on your project ASAP!