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    Epoxy Flooring Pros did a great job on my auto shop garage floor. I was struggling with stains and cracks for quite some time so I finally decided to do something about it. I did not know a lot about epoxy floors. I read about it and decided to get in touch with these guys for a consultation. They came to my shop and provided a free written estimate with a couple of suggestions on how we should implement this. I needed something sturdy that also looked good and that is easy to maintain. I did not want to spend hours after work trying to remove all the stains. Garage floor epoxy was just the thing I needed! It’s beautiful, strong and super easy to maintain. And an excellent job done by these guys.
    Charles B.
    Epoxy Flooring Pros have proved themselves to be true professionals. Garage floor epoxy was just the thing our old garage floor needed. It truly exceeded our expectations. The coating looks perfect! Thank you! Looking forward to working with you in the futureEpoxy Flooring Pros have proved themselves to be true professionals. Garage floor epoxy was just the thing our old garage floor needed. It truly exceeded our expectations. The coating looks perfect! Thank you! Looking forward to working with you in the future.
    Norman D.
    We are immensely satisfied with the work of Epoxy Flooring Pros Arkansas! The installers who came out for us was always punctual, professional and knowledgeable about epoxy floor coating. We are confident with their service and the quality of their products. We know for certain that we made the right choice when we chose Epoxy Flooring Pros!
    Malissa E.
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    Epoxy Arkansas

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    Dreaming of a bright!

    Clean garage you’ll love to show off? Are you ready to invest in long-lasting yet attractive flooring for your store, office building, or restaurant? Epoxy Flooring Arkansas is here to help with dependable concrete flooring systems.

    We specialize in transforming ugly, worn, or impractical concrete floors into attractive finished flooring with concrete polishing and epoxy flooring solutions. Our concrete polishing and epoxy floor installers in Fayetteville, Arkansas can help you choose the right product or service to meet your needs and budget then deliver professional results that last.

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    Quality Concrete Floor Solutions

    The right system for your needs
    Commercial Epoxy Floor Paint

    Tired of dealing with the problems associated with untreated concrete flooring? Regular concrete is porous, quick to stain, dusty, and easily damaged, despite its strength. At Epoxy Flooring Arkansas, we specialize in polished concrete and epoxy flooring, two cost-effective solutions to transform your ugly and boring concrete into a beautiful finished floor. We serve commercial and residential customers in Fayetteville, Bentonville, and surrounding areas of Arkansas with only the best industrial-grade products, skilled installation, and a dedication to superior customer service.

    Our concrete experts will assess your concrete and explore the best options to give you a floor system you will enjoy for many years to come. We offer specialized epoxy formulations and skilled concrete polishing to create a completely unique floor system with an appearance and performance that exceed your expectations.

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    Epoxy Flooring in Fayetteville

    Attractive and durable floor systems

    An epoxy floor coating in Arkansas is the perfect solution to give aging or unattractive concrete a fresh new look. With unlimited design options, you’re sure to find an epoxy solution that fits your budget and style goals. An epoxy concrete floor isn’t just attractive: it’s also formulated to withstand heavy abuse and last up to 25 years without showing its age.

    One of the most popular applications for epoxy flooring in Fayetteville, AR is garage floor epoxy. Professional garage floor epoxy creates a bright and seamless garage floor that holds up against years of gas and oil spills, moisture, dropped tools, hot tires, and more. Our epoxy garage floor installers can create any look you want for your garage from a single-color, high-gloss auto showroom look to custom metallic epoxy flooring.

    Epoxy Floor Coating Arkansas
    Considering an epoxy concrete floor? Here’s what epoxy flooring has to offer:
    • Brightens your space by up to 300%
    • Easy to maintain: sweep and mop as needed or even pressure wash with cove protection
    • Customizable with unlimited colors and effects
    • Withstands heavy-duty abuse such as chemical spills, vehicle traffic, wet conditions, abrasion, and more
    • Seamless surface isolates spills and prevents groundwater contamination
    • Low lifecycle cost with an affordable installation cost, long life, and minimal maintenance
    • Epoxy flooring in Fayetteville, AR can last up to 25 years
    Epoxy Floor Coating

    You have probably been hearing more and more about epoxy floor coatings, a cost-effective solution that turns aging or bland concrete into a bright new floor. Epoxy coatings are often mistaken for paint but these coatings are very different. Epoxy flooring is applied as a liquid with a specific mixture of hardeners and resin that react to form an incredibly durable plastic material. Epoxy must be applied to concrete that’s carefully prepared with repairs and diamond grinding to allow the epoxy to actually bond with the concrete itself. Once it cures, epoxy is stronger than the concrete substrate and withstands even heavy abuse. You can also check out our friends at Concrete Adelaide to get an idea on what are some of the best areas you can use the concrete on.

    Want a totally unique and show-stopping look? A metallic epoxy floor system in Fayetteville, AR is just what you’re searching for. Our epoxy floor installers use decades of experience and specialized techniques to create a one-of-a-kind metallic epoxy floor with a 3D and pearlescent effect. Metallic epoxy is a multi-step process that involves applying metallic pigments over a base coat then agitating the pigments with solvents, rollers, brushes, and blowers. This causes the pigments to clump, twist, and swirl fo a striking three-dimensional effect.

    A metallic epoxy garage floor is just one way to enjoy this unique floor system. Metallic epoxy can transform your garage from dusty, cold, and dark to bright and impressive with a showroom quality floor. Metallic epoxy floor coatings in Rogers and Bentonville are also popular for high-end hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, office buildings, and more.

    Arkansas Metallic Flooring

    Polished Concrete

    A sophisticated, low-cost floor system

    Transforming a concrete slab into a finished floor system doesn’t require adding a coating or secondary floor product. Concrete polishing in Fayetteville, AR can transform dull and unsightly concrete into a colorful and bright floor system. Polished concrete is a good choice for commercial and industrial facilities but it also works well for residential applications like laundry rooms, garages, and even main living spaces.

    Concrete grinding and polishing can give you a customized floor with your choice of beautiful colors and effects. With saw cutting, a huge variety of acid- and water-based stains, and various levels of polishing, we can transform your boring concrete into an elegant space that creates a great impression. We polish concrete in Fayetteville and Rogers, AR for all types of applications such as polished concrete garage floors, grocery stores, hotel lobbies, office buildings, and medical centers.

    Polished concrete floors have a lot to offer:
    • Incredibly durable with greater strength and resilience than untreated concrete
    • Very low maintenance and never requires special cleaning products or waxing
    • Dramatically increases brightness in any room
    • Adds an elegant touch to any public area
    • Withstands spills, chemicals, and more without damage or stains
    • Easy to customize with a sheen ranging from matte to high-gloss and unlimited color effects

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