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Tired of a cracked, stained, and dusty garage floor? Want a quality and hard-wearing floor surface designed for commercial conditions? Our epoxy floor coating Arkansas solutions are a smart investment for your home or business. Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective concrete coating system that offers long-lasting durability and a sleek, beautiful appearance you need to see to believe. Here’s why an epoxy floor coating is the perfect solution for protecting and updating your interior concrete floors.



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    What Is an Epoxy Floor Coating? 

    Epoxy floor coating Arkansas products are made from epoxy resin and hardeners which react chemically when combined to bond with your concrete substrate and form an incredibly durable and seamless plastic material. An epoxy coating doesn’t dry, it cures. Once it’s fully cured, an epoxy floor coating can last for decades and offer unparalleled protection against abrasion, gas and oil spills, chemical exposure, extreme temperatures, and even heavy machinery or hot tires.
    We install epoxy floor coating Arkansas solutions for residential and commercial settings. Some of the most popular applications for epoxy concrete coatings are:
    • Commercial kitchens & food processing plants
    • Public restrooms & locker rooms
    • Manufacturing plants & warehouses
    • Medical facilities, veterinarian offices, and dental practices
    • Hotel & bar lobbies
    • Retail facilities
    • Educational facilities such as daycares & college campuses
    • Residential garages & basements

    Benefits of Our Epoxy Floor Coating Arkansas Services

    We love serving homeowners and facility managers with professional epoxy installation because epoxy coatings can completely transform even worn-out, ugly concrete into a bright and beautiful surface. There are plenty of reasons to consider an epoxy floor coating in Arkansas; here are just some of the perks you may enjoy.
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    Easy to Maintain

    Whether it’s installed in your garage or a commercial facility, the last thing you want from a concrete coating system is costly or time-consuming maintenance. One of the biggest benefits of an epoxy floor coating Arkansas system is it requires very minimal upkeep. Epoxy flooring can be swept and mopped as needed or even pressure washed if you have cove protection. It doesn’t need to be waxed or polished and you can use any neutral pH floor cleaner. Your floor can last decades with this minimal care and even maintain its bright, clean appearance.


    You’re ready to invest in an epoxy floor coating in Arkansas. As with any floor system, you want the best possible value. Epoxy delivers with the best combination of durability and longevity. Unlike many commercial and garage floor products, epoxy coatings are built to last and can withstand even extreme wear and tear for 10-25+ years. In residential settings, epoxy coatings often last decades but they can still outlast other floor products in commercial settings. The trick to enjoying this longevity is opting for professional epoxy installation with careful floor prep.

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    Protects Your Concrete

    An epoxy concrete coating isn’t just about transforming the appearance of your interior concrete floors; it’s also a protective coating that prevents many types of damage to your concrete substrate. An epoxy floor coating in Arkansas has greater compressive strength than your concrete to increase the weight capacity of your concrete while reducing the risk of stress cracks. It also forms a completely seamless and nonporous coating over your concrete to prevent moisture from seeping up through the concrete and stop spills and chemicals from leaking into the concrete and ground water.

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    When you invest in a new floor system for your business, industrial facility, or home, you want a floor that’s built to last. It’s a common misconception that epoxy floor coatings in Arkansas are little more than paint but the truth is professional-grade epoxy systems cure in place and bond with your concrete for long-lasting protection. Once cured, epoxy is so durable that it can resist all types of damage including:

    • Hot tire pickup
    • Chemical spills
    • Extreme temperature
    • Moisture
    • Gasoline & oils
    • Heavy machinery
    • Abrasion
    • Impact
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    Easy to Customize

    What type of look do you want for your garage or facility? An epoxy floor coating in Arkansas can make it a reality. Epoxy is one of the most customizable floor solutions available with the durability you need and the look you want. Our epoxy floor coating contractors offer endless solutions to customize your new epoxy floor such as:

    • Metallic epoxy flooring, perfect for lobbies, retail stores, and garages
    • Epoxy flake flooring which adds subtle texture and pattern
    • Specialized industrial epoxy coatings such as static dissipation epoxy
    • Custom patterns and effects
    • Endless color options

    Epoxy Floor Coating Services

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