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You don’t need an expensive new floor. You simply need an affordable upgrade. Polishing your concrete is one of the most affordable and long-term decisions for healthy concrete you will ever make. Our Arkansas team knows that concrete in our homes and businesses undergo immense pressure from usage and traffic, so we guarantee that your concrete is well protected by grinding and polishing your concrete floors. Polished concrete offers massive amounts of versatility. Stores, clinics, libraries and more utilize polished concrete for its amazing benefits of durability and affordability. With decades of combined experienced, we know how important it is to install floors that are not only beautiful but long-lasting, and we want to talk to you today!



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    Polished Concrete

    Where Do You Want Your Polished Concrete?

    Here in Arkansas, we have installed polished concrete floors in many different areas and industries, so we aren’t afraid to take on any project you may have. Other flooring systems require back-breaking maintenance, intense and constant treatments, deep cleans, repairs, and frequent replacements. Polished concrete floors are beautiful no matter where you choose to install them. Residential polished concrete, industrial polished concrete, and commercial polished concrete all exude beauty and display strength just the same.
    Here in Arkansas, our team knows how to professionally and quickly install your concrete polished floors, where do you want your floors:
    • Basement
    • Kitchen
    • Library
    • Packing Plant
    • Public Restroom
    • Gyms
    • Showrooms
    • Warehouses
    • Hotels have been known to install polished concrete throughout their buildings and some in their front lobbies because of the state of true elegance and beauty a polished concrete floor produces. Hotel interior designers know that polished concrete floors have amazing safety qualities that cannot be found in other floors.
    • Government buildings have also utilized stained polished concrete floors because of the ability to design them into an appropriate floor that reflects our government. This includes fire stations and other public buildings that are maintained by the government.

    Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

    The benefits offered by concrete polished floors is close to unbelievable when you look at the affordability we offer. For high-end materials and low-end prices, your floors offer decades of use and decades of easy maintenance. Continue reading to truly understand your concrete polished floors benefits:
    Arkansas Polished Concrete Floor


    Choosing concrete polishing over completely new floors is a budget friendly decision that you will not regret. Polished concrete will last, on average, over 10 times longer than any other floor you could think about installing. When installed by a professional, your polished concrete floor will be abrasion and wear/tear resistant. These are two of the greatest factors that will break down any other floor. If you have an area with high foot-traffic then this is your best option, not only for the immediate, but for the long-term of your home or business.

    Residential Polished Concrete Floors


    Polished concrete is one of the most durable flooring systems on the market. Even if you were looking for a specific type of beauty, a concrete polished floor is always the best option. There are various options to choose from when it comes to polished concrete because it can be installed to resemble granite, marble, tile, and so much more. Stamped polished concrete floors will outlast the real thing and lower your maintenance tremendously. You can have the convenience of beauty and ease of affordability by choosing a concrete polished floor.

    Concrete Polishing Contractors


    In today’s world, it seems like people are becoming more and more allergic to many different substances that can truly be out of anyone’s control. Luckily, polished concrete makes that much easier to handle by being easy to clean. Whether it be a spill or routine dust, the polished coat on top of your concrete isolates the issue, making it much easier to clean. Concrete is naturally extremely porous, meaning it would allow any harmful liquids or debris to penetrate its surface resulting in a surface that is very difficult to keep clean, but polished concrete eliminates that issue.

    Polished Concrete Contractors


    Polished concrete offers a virtually slip-resistant surface which makes them great in any highly used area. Hazards can be hard to avoid, whether it be a spill or a rainy day, wet floors can cause some major issues. But with a polished concrete floor, you can rest assured that the likelihood of slips and falls is dramatically reduced. Concrete polished floors also increase visibility within a garage, warehouse, or retail center because of the reflectiveness from the glass-like shine. Your floors will help brighten up any space that would otherwise be poorly lit.

    Concrete Polishing Companies


    When you combine all of the benefits of a polished concrete floor, they all add up to one thing: affordability. Polished concrete will last for many years after installation with little to no maintenance. They are also resistant to everything a commercial or industrial setting can throw onto it, and they can mimic other flooring types without the hassle of repairs and replacements. Concrete polished floors return any and all investment you put into them.

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