Our Cities

Riverwalk Farm Estates is a thriving community and affordable neighborhood for families on varying budgets. The area has an incredible community park that includes a pool area, basketball courts, playgrounds, fields for picnics, and a fire pit for gatherings. If there are children in your home, Osage Creek Elementary and Creekside Middle School are a mile down the road from the estates.

This newly rising neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas where residents and the community are centered around the families that make up the neighborhood. Located off of Highway 12 in Bentonville, the neighborhood is near incredible schools, shopping centers, and restaurants. Local amenities that the community uses regularly include playgrounds, pool, fitness trails, and more.

With four different schools in Heritage Heights, its incredible history, and safe places to gather, like parks and trails, many families flock to the area. The neighborhood’s homes, built in the 1980s, are very classic and create an environment that attracts young families to the area.

Hidden Springs is located 1.5 miles north of Downtown Bentonville and is within walking distance of different schools for middle school and elementary school-aged children. The neighborhood is also within a reasonable distance from entertainment areas like dance, yoga, and gymnastic studios as well as restaurants and fast food options.

This family-friendly neighborhood, located off of Regional Airport Boulevard, is conveniently located within walking distance of elementary, middle, and high schools. There are communal areas for all of the residents to enjoy, including a pavilion area, playground, basketball court, and community pool.

A city in Benton County, Arkansas, located in the Ozarks, is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the U.S. The community is completely equipped at supporting its growing population with adult wellness centers, animal shelters, museums, tourism resources, and so much more. The area is perfect for families and singles to live and thrive in.

This small city is located within Benton County and is part of the Fayetteville–Springdale–Rogers, AR-MO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its beautiful location within the scenic Ozark Mountain in northwest Arkansas, the community areas offer incredible outdoor recreational opportunities. Many parks, restaurants, and fishing spots for locals and guests.

A beautiful community area located far northwest within the Ozark Mountain Range was founded in 1840 and has great history stemming in the Civil War. It is near neighboring states that provide plenty of outdoor, cultural, and historical entertainments and education opportunities. The area offers stand up comedy, festivals, farmer markets, derby, and more!

The city is in Washington county, Arkansas and is located on the Springfield Plateau in the Ozark Mountains and is beautifully surrounded by valleys and natural springs. There is a healthy mixture of single professionals and families in the sparse suburban area. The public schools in the Johnson area are highly rated and range from elementary to high school.

Bella Vista is a city within Benton county, which was first established in 1917 as a summer destination for many tourists but has completely changed and redesigned itself. Its location within the Ozark Mountains gives the city temperate climates and offers distinct seasonal changes. Located along Interstate 49, citizens driving along are greeted with shops, education facilities, health care, and recreational opportunities.

A city in Washington County, the community located within the Ozark Mountains was founded by italian settlers in 1898. The area is known for its incredible grapes and wines, incredible climate, and its yearly Tontitown Grape Festival. The town prides itself in its diversity and is the perfect place to settle down with a family. With many growing businesses, this is a progressive that is located near the University of Arkansas.

This city is located within Washington county and has a meger population of 2,000 residents and it is noted as one of the most educated cities in the state of Arkansas. This growing city offers residents an opportunity to impact the community regularly with volunteer programs, polo annual events, and a community day where neighbors and residents come together to become better acquainted.

With an incredibly small population of just 700 residents, Highfill is a town where everyone knows everyone. Located in Benton county, it is home to the Northwest Arkansas National Airport, which serves all of the Northwest Arkansas region. Living in Highfill gives all residents the ability to live in a rural area where most own their own homes and where the schools in the area are highly rated.

This city in Arkansas is one of the safest cities in the entire state with a population of 2,800 residents. The rural area offers elementary, middle, and high school opportunities for growing families. Little Flock is a quiet rural town that is a great space to settle down either to retire in silence or start growing a family in a small knit community.

First started in the 20th century as a railroad stop, Centerton has transformed into a popular suburban city located in a rapidly growing area in Northwest Arkansas. You can find the city west of Bentonville on Highway 102 in Benton county Arkansas. The community prides itself in maintaining its wholesome lifestyle, cultural history, and its diligent efforts at preserving their environment.

This is a lakefront community, adjacent to Beaver Lake and Rogers within the Northwest Arkansas region. The area is home to incredible outdoor activities and campground facilities open to locals and tourists alike. The community has a great country club, lake access, churches, schools, and more. The main attraction to the area is its outdoor adventurous opportunities.

The city is located in Benton and Washington counties and the community is located between the Boston Mountains and the Springfield Plateau within the Ozark Mountains. The suburb has a population of 2,300 residents and offers the community a rural feel while still being a close community.

Part of a rapidly growing Northwest Arkansas region, Bethel Heights has a growing population of 2,600 residents. Located in Benton county, living in the city offers residents community within rural areas where the local schools are highly rated.

A town with under 1,000 residents located in Benton county, Garfield offers beautiful natural entertainment. The area has natural lakes and springs, trails, and wooded lands that many residents utilize regularly. With great schools and a quiet culture, this is a great space to start a growing family.

Located in Northwest Arkansas, Lost Bridge spans over Beaver Lake including Whitney Mountain, which has both full time and summer residents. The Village offers amenities like swimming pools, recreation centers, and outdoor activities.

A town located in Carroll county, with a population of less than 100 people and the community is located on the White River at western limits of Table Rock Lake deep in the Ozark Mountains. There are many adventures locals and visitors can go on with such a beautiful and diverse terrain. There are different opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and more outdoor opportunities.

The community strives to be its best self and to be known in Northwest Arkansas as a place that is free, independent, and family oriented. Gravette is located in the northwest corner of Benton county and has a population that is estimated to be over 4,000 residents. The location is noted to be convenient because of its proximity to major cities and employers.

Hindsville is a town located in Madison county with a population of just 65 residents. The area has a low cost of living, affordable housing, and provides a safe and small space for small children and families. This is a town where everyone knows everyone and many businesses are locally owned but is near large corporate businesses.

This city is in Benton county, which offers a close proximity to WalMart, Tyson Foods, and the University of Arkansas. Just a short drive from Pea Ridge, residents and visitors can be at museums, lakes, and more. The city is continuously growing and has been noted for being a great place for singles and families alike.