About Gravette:

The community that makes up Gravette strives to be a place that is known for its wholesome values. Located in the Northwest Arkansas region, Gravette portrays a space that is free, independent, and highly family-oriented. Snuggled up in the northwest corner of Benton County, Gravette has an estimated population of around 4,000 permanent residents. The location of the community is noted as being extremely convenient for visitors and locals alike because of its proximity to major cities and employers.

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Living in Gravette:

One of the unique details about Gravette is the community’s ability to be completely self-sufficient. Residents do not need to leave the area because the community within its boundaries has a local office, law enforcement, local grocery shopping, employment, and entertainment. When living in the Gravette community you learn how involved everyone is in making sure the entire system runs smoothly, residents pay attention to their neighbors, and everyone wants to take care of one another. Gravette is also known to be. An extremely safe and highly desirable place to live. The city plans spring cleans volunteer opportunities, awareness of various professions/enforcements, and so much more. Gravette is its little world where residents have everything they need right at their disposal.

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Things to do:

Living in Gravette and the community’s focus on family and self-sufficiency has made it a fun and family-driven entertaining space. Places like local parks, large open fields, splash pads, community gathering areas, pools, and more are all open to residents. Some attractions that bring more than just locals to the area are Cabins. At Springs, Horton Farms, Garden Café, local farmers markets and so much more. The community’s proximity and convenience in commuting make getting out of the area and searching for more mainstream entertainment highly plausible as well.

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