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Concrete coatings are materials that are utilized for their superior ability to repair concrete, make concrete stronger, last decades, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Such materials include epoxy, acid stain, overlays, and stamped overlays. Both homeowners and business owners are flocking towards resurfacing their concrete for its affordability, options for customization, and its durability. Are you tired of your plain, boring and dirty concrete? Join hundreds of other business owners and homeowners and invest in your concrete with a concrete coating today!



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    Where concrete coatings are utilized.

    We install concrete coatings for all of our neighbors here in Arkansas, industrial to residential. All of the concrete coatings that we offer will be sure to offer an extremely durable flooring solution, be resistant to stains and last for decades. With the ability to give your commercial or industrial flooring the appeal to the eye residential flooring has and bring the performance and durability of an industrial facility to your home with a concrete coating today!
    The following are the most common applications of our concrete coatings in Arkansas:
    • Aircraft hangers
    • Food and beverage facilities and restaurants
    • Medical facilities use concrete coatings such as epoxy for a seamless, hygienic floor
    • Auto shops and car dealerships
    • Commercial retail stores and grocery stores
    • Prisons, fire stations, and police stations
    • Veterinarian offices and kennels
    • Factories use concrete coatings in Arkansas for their resistance to stains, easy maintenance, and the ability to withstand traffic from heavy vehicles such as forklifts on a daily basis.
    • Many homeowners are flocking to use concrete coatings. The most popular method is epoxy garage flooring for epoxy is able to withstand damage and stains from oils and gasoline. But many people aren’t stopping there, they are using epoxy throughout the entire house. Not only does this strengthen the concrete slab, but it also adds a “wow” factor that cannot be achieved from traditional flooring.

    Benefits of concrete coatings

    Still not sure if a concrete coating is something you need or want? Our concrete coatings available to those in Arkansas offer plenty of benefits. Below are several of the reasons that all of our clients have fallen in love with their concrete floor coatings.
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    Affordable flooring

    It is a common misconception from our clients that concrete floor coatings are out of the average budget. Well, we are here to tell you that our concrete coatings in Arkansas are extremely competitive with other traditional floorings such as tile. Not only will our product save you tons of money on installation, but our concrete floor coatings are also proven to make your concrete up to 300 percent stronger and last up to 2-3 times longer than bare concrete! We are prepared to offer you even more savings with a free quote, so call today!

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    Worry free flooring

    Our concrete floor coatings offer a flooring system that is easy to maintain and will keep its like-new appearance for decades even in the harshest environments. Since concrete coatings don’t require any type of waxes or polishes, all that is required for upkeep is a soft bristle broom or dust mop and a traditional mop. For a slightly dirty floor, all you need to do is sweep up any loose debris and mop any liquids off the floor. For a heavily soiled floor, sweep all loose debris and spray off with a traditional hose. If any stains remain, use a hard bristle nylon brush to remove staining.

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    Damage resistance

    Any of our concrete floor coatings offer heavy resistance to any type of impact or chipping. Whether your flooring is used in a factory to withstand heavy forklift traffic day in and day out or if you want to use it in your home where it will be exposed to accidents and rambunctious children, we have you covered. Not only can our concrete floor coatings withstand impact, but they are also able to withstand deterioration from harsh chemicals. If you find a way to damage your flooring, we offer a one year warranty on all of our work.

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    Design factors

    Excellent damage resistance and easy maintenance are already great selling points for our concrete floor coatings. If you are not sold yet, our concrete floor coatings offer a one of a kind look that cannot be replicated by any other traditional flooring. A concrete coating such as decorative epoxy can transform your home or business front into an area that will turn your competitors or your neighbors green with envy. Our team of concrete coatings contractors have decades of experience and love creating art with concrete coatings.

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    Brighten up an area

    Another benefit of our concrete coatings is the fact that they can be extremely light reflective which can brighten your area. When you choose a light color such as a white or orange, your flooring will reflect massive amounts of light making your work area safer. With this trait not only will your area be safer, but your concrete coating will also reduce the need for additional lighting, saving you money on your power bill. With a brighter safer home or work environment, objects that have been dropped on the floor will be easier to find making the area even safer.

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    Where we work

    We are happy to work for commercial, residential and industrial facilities in the greater Arkansas area! Be sure to call us today for a free quote if you are located in any of the following areas:
    Our Service Areas:
    • Bentonville AR
    • Rogers, AR
    • Fayetteville, AR
    • Tulsa OK
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