Heritage Heights

About Heritage Heights:

Heritage Heights is the place where parents want to move their growing children because of the notably safe area, retro architecture, and notable history. The homes in the area range in price, allowing the neighborhood to be made up of diverse families and individuals.

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Living in Heritage Heights:

The residents in Heritage Heights, on average, have an income that is slightly lower than the Bentonville average. The neighborhood is known to have more males than females but is mainly made up of families with children. Because Bentonville as a whole is a great place to not only start families but to retire, the area and the neighborhood is made up of residents that are in all walks of life.

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Things to do:

Because Heritage Heights is within Bentonville there are many different activities and events to attend. The area offers indoor and outdoor activities for residents that range from mountain biking to sit-down and fast-food restaurants. Many of the possibilities of entertainment are centered around family and friends outdoor gatherings or eating places.

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