About Goshen:

This beautiful and unique city is located within Washington County and has a growing population of 2,000 residents who have been noted to make one of the most educated cities in the state of Arkansas. The city makes its one of a kind marks on locals and visitors by offering individuals opportunities for connection and interaction through regular volunteer programs, polo annual events, and a community day where neighbors and residents come together to become better acquainted.

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Living in Goshen:

Located in the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, Goshen City provides locals and visitors a unique experience because of the small-town charm and its eclectic mix of rural and residential real estate. Its well-planned subdivisions are a testament to the city’s dedication to growth and its families. The housing market in the area is mainly made up of new families, retired couples, young professionals, and long-term families who have been in the area for generations. Goshen is close to the University of Arkansas and all of the shopping, dining, venues, and entertainment in that area of Northwest Arkansas. The city is also near Walmart, Tyson Home offices, Beaver Lake, Crystal Bridges Museum, Walton Arts Center, Devil’s Den State Park, Northwest Arkansas Regional Greenway Bicycle/Pedestrian Trails, War Eagle Mill Arts and Crafts Fair, and Eureka Springs. This small city has a very large personality!

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Things to do:

This close-knit community offers residents a home with unlimited amounts of social interaction, fun ways to get outside and enjoy nature, and even better ways to enjoy the conveniences of living close to the University of Arkansas. Residents can enjoy the quiet life of a small and rural town while also being close to a larger much more active part of the state. Community members and visitors have choices in food, entertainment, and outdoor activities that make family outings a little more enjoyable. As the most educated city in the state, the amenities in the nearby urban area, and the local events, this is a city worth living in.

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