Lost Bridge Village

About Lost Bridge Village:

Lost Bridge Village is located in Northwest Arkansas, which spans over Beaver Lake, including Whitney Mountain. The area is known for having full-time residents and frequent weekend and holiday visitors. The concrete bridge that was built for crossing the White River, the project was completed in 1929 but on May 7th, 1943 a flood destroyed the standing bridge, thus its name. The community is very proud of its history and has made a name for itself as a beautiful mountainous lodging for permanent residents and weekend drifters alike. Geographically, the area is made up of 5 locations including Posy Mountain, Deerwood, Cedar Forest Acres, Whitney Mountain, and Lost Bridge Village.

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Living in Lost Bridge Village:

Living in Lost Bridge Village provides residents with peace that no city or town can provide. The natural elements are incomparable, and residents truly enjoy the closeness they feel to their community, seeing as the residential population is less than 500 people. Being constantly surrounded by nature, fresh air, and sunshine within the mountains creates a happy and thriving environment. With an affordable cost of living, wide-open spaces, small community, and low crime, Lost Bridge Village is a highly desirable area. Many local businesses thrive in this community because of its small population.

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Things to do:

There aren’t many opportunities or forms of entertainment the residents in Lost Bridge Village are missing out on. The area not only has incredible weather year-round, but the mountains also provide hiking trails, biking, campsites, freshwater, lakes, and more. The Village offers specific amenities like tennis courts, library access, local swimming pools, a recreation center, an airfield, and the most beautiful lakefront access.

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