About Garfield:

A small town with a population right around 1,000 residents, Garfield is located in Benton County. The area offers beautiful natural entertainment in the form of natural lakes, springs, trails, and wooded lands that many residents utilize regularly. With great schools and a quiet atmosphere, this is a fantastic town to start and grow a family.

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Living in Garfield:

Many residents and visitors enjoy the small things about this small town, like its incredible affordability, highly ranked local schools, and its low crime rates. This small conservative town is made for people who enjoy a rural atmosphere and a community where everyone knows and recognizes each other. The temperatures in Garfield range from mild to warm during the summer months with varying severity during its winter months! This is fantastic because the area gets to experience expressive seasonal changes from fall to winter to spring to summer.

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Things to do:

When visiting Garfield Arkansas, it is important to keep in mind that the area is rural, so many of the entertaining details about the area stem from the vastness of the nature surrounding the community. Some of the great adventures locals and visitors go on include hiking, trail walking, camping, water activities like kayaking and boating, and so much more. Parks and lakes like Ford Hollow and Lost Bridge North Park offer incredible scenery and outdoor experiences difficult to find anywhere else.

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