About Riverwalk:

Riverwalk Farm Estates is a popular community in an affordable and thriving neighborhood. The families in the area range in income and home costs, making it an area for both growing families and singles. The community areas offer incredible parks, common pool areas, basketball courts, playgrounds, wide-open fields, and more! The schools in Riverwalk come highly rated and are not from the estates.

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Living in Riverwalk:

The Riverwalk Farm estates community is the type of home you want to grow a family in! The area always has something going on focused around the community and has great spaces available to all of its residents. With an elementary, middle, and high school just a couple miles down the road from the homes, there truly isn’t a reason not to move in! Riverwalk also offers a variety of affordable real-estate opportunities for different families on different budgets.

With different areas for the community to get together like, basketball courts, accessible playgrounds, fields for picnics and games, and pool areas no one ever feels alone.

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Things to do:

Within the community, things to do can range from walking, running, picnics, and outdoor gatherings. The estates also offer communal areas like a pool space and basketball courts that are well kept by the community. Things to do in Benton County range from educational opportunities like museums, town square, breweries, and beautiful gardens.

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