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With over three decades of experience, Glossy Floors has been the leading concrete company in the Arkansas area because of the knowledge and experience our team brings. We provide service to industrial, commercial, and residential properties seeking new flooring. Rustic Wood Flooring has been one of our specialties for a very long time and as technology has improved, so have our techniques in installing them. Rustic wood flooring is a fantastic option for property owners who love wood flooring but lack the time, patience, and budget to sustain, install, and manage an authentic wood floor. Let us help you reach your wood flooring dreams with rustic wood flooring!



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    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Where can you use Rustic Wood Flooring?

    With real wood, it is no secret that it is delicate and restrictive as to where it can and should be installed. Wood floors are not made to be installed in areas that are moist, see a lot of activity, or will not be managed on a regular basis. Rustic wood can be installed and practically ignored, and it still would look and feel brand new. With both materials you have the nostalgia feeling that wood brings to a home or property, however, the lifespan of such floors does detract from the overall beauty that it might bring
    Stop worrying about your floors with rustic wood floors, you can have them installed in/on:
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Garages
    • Bedrooms
    • Living Spaces
    • Kitchens
    • Business buildings
    • Restaurants
    • Schools/universities
    • Hotels
    • Retail shops/centers
    • Basements

    Benefits & Uses for Rustic Wood Flooring

    The look of an authentic wood floor and rustic wood floor is not very different but other important factors like price, longevity, durability, and maintenance are. So, what are the real benefits of a rustic wood flooring system?
    Wood Stamped Concrete

    Residential Rustic Wood Flooring

    • Impact resistant, so moving furniture or simply dropping a heavy item will not damage the floors.
    • Scratch and abrasion resistant, which makes it a fantastic option for homes with pets and children
    • Low-maintenance, you don’t have to worry about the floor being another thing that needs constant care and cleaning.
    • Water-resistant, spilled water, melted snow, or moisture will not impact your floors in a negative way the way they would a real wood floor.
    • Adaptable to any lifestyle.
    • Does not require special waxes or cleaners.
    Wood Stamped Concrete Arkansas

    Basement Rustic Wood Flooring

    • Lightens up your basement’s mood.
    • Are mold and mildew resistant, your basement is the foundation of your home and having a floor that will keep that foundation safe is important.
    • Basements can be high moisture areas, but with rustic wood flooring that is not a problem
    • The seamless installation will not allow any type of liquid to enter in between your floor unlike real would that would have leakage between the floorboards.
    Concrete Wood Floor

    Commercial Rustic Wood Flooring

    • Wood brings a sophistication and elegance into any professional building.
    • Having a flooring system that is beautiful and looks authentic builds your businesses credibility through the eyes of visitors and clients.
    • Little to no maintenance is required, allowing owners to focus on their business and less time and money spend on their floors.
    • Unbothered by high foot-traffic and is highly resistant to wear and tear.
    Wood Floor Epoxy

    Easy Maintenance

    • Nothing lasts long if there isn’t some type of maintenance, however, maintaining rustic wood floors simply means wiping spills when you see them and mopping periodically
    • Real wood requires treatments and waxes, especially when there are temperature changes, rustic wood floors do not require special chemicals or cleaners.
    • Sweep floors regularly to reduce any allergies
    • Avoid acidic cleaners as much as possible
    • Do not use cleaners with high levels of soap
    Rustic Wood Flooring Services

    Resiliency & Resistance

    • Rustic wood is longer-lasting and with proper maintenance can last over a decade.
    • Resistance to wear and tear cannot be found in real wood flooring.
    • You will not need repairs or replacements when you choose a rustic wood flooring solution.
    • A simple cleaning can be enough to maintain floors, you do not need expensive cleaners or special treatments.
    • Stain, impact, scratch, slip, and heat resistance can be found in professionally installed rust wood floors

    Rustic Wood Flooring Services

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    Concrete That Looks Like Wood

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    We serve the Arkansas area with the best concrete services in the business. We have over 30-years of experience handling all types of flooring situations and will work with many different circumstances. If you’re in the following areas, give us a call right now for more information.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still unsure if your business can benefit from commercial epoxy flooring? Have a few questions you want to be answered before you make a change? We have a few of the most asked questions we receive from our clients below. If you have a more specific question, be sure to contact us today!
    How durable are commercial epoxy resins?
    Commercial epoxy flooring is as strong as they come. With the ability to withstand heavy impact and withstand chemicals such as acid, your flooring will be able to take extreme abuse for up to 20 years!
    How long will commercial epoxy flooring last in my facility?
    Depending on the current condition of the existing concrete slab, under harsh conditions can last up to 20 years. Commercial epoxy flooring in Arkansas is able to last this long because the epoxy creates a superior bond to your concrete, keeping it in place for decades.
    Does your company offer free quotes?
    Yes we do! If you are ready to take the next step into your future with a commercial epoxy floor coating, give us a call today and we can get the ball rolling on your project ASAP!