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We are the premier concrete resurfacing professionals in the Fayetteville area. We offer a wide variety of concrete resurfacing services, such as epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, metallic epoxy, garage floor epoxy, commercial epoxy flooring, pool deck resurfacing, and other concrete coatings. We bring old concrete back to life in the Fayetteville area and can revitalize your driveway, patio, pool deck, garage to give them new texture, color, and interest that will make your updated concrete last for many decades to come.



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    Our Services

    We have you covered in the Fayetteville area
    Epoxy Flooring Fayetteville
    Our professional contractors proudly serve the Fayetteville and surrounding areas with all of your concrete resurfacing needs.
    We are the finest pool deck resurfacing company, and we can help you create a beautiful poolscape that will compliment and enhance not only your landscaping but also your home. Your pool deck takes a beating from the chemicals and the UV rays of the harsh sun, but we can use a variety of concrete resurfacing methods to not only upgrade your pool deck but also to give you the designer look you desire.
    Our garage floor epoxy services are sought after in the Fayetteville areas. Allow us to turn your home garage into a showroom. Our garage floor epoxy will eliminate concrete dust build up that causes damage to your vehicles and other storage items as well as leave you with a strong, low maintenance surface to enjoy your garage for many years to come.
    At Epoxy Arkansas, we not only provide the best in epoxy flooring to our residential clients, but we also specialize in commercial epoxy flooring, polished concrete, and other concrete coatings to meet all of your flooring needs. Your custom floors will look lovely for longer and our trained experts guarantee quality results for all of your commercial flooring needs. No matter which tools or styles best fit your needs, our approach leaves you with an elegant and durable approach.
    See the difference our team in Fayetteville can make for you, and let us WOW you with our amazing results and service.

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring and other Concrete Resurfacing

    There are many reasons to choose concrete resurfacing or epoxy flooring for your home or business. The options and possibilities are virtually endless, but the end result will offer these benefits that will have you bragging about your floors in no time.
    Epoxy Floor Coating Fayetteville

    Cost Efficient

    Epoxy floor coating and other concrete resurfacing is one of the most affordable flooring choices you can make. Not only is the per square foot installation costs low, but you will also save money in the long run by not having to repair or replace your flooring as often. Concrete coatings also seal your concrete to reduce concrete dust accumulation and wear and tear on your vehicles and other belongings that is common with untreated concrete.

    Residential Epoxy Flooring

    Designer looks

    From the high shine of polished concrete to the artistic beauty of metallic epoxy, the combination of treatments make design options a breeze for your concrete floors. If you can dream it, we can achieve it. Any of our resurfacing treatments will give your home a boost and will add value to your investment.

    Long Lasting

    Concrete resurfacing brings your drab, dull concrete back to life and gives it new life. Your concrete may be cracking or chipping, but our concrete resurfacing applications will add years to your existing concrete. By adding a surface coating, your concrete will be stronger and more durable to bring you decades of use that is chip and stain resistant.

    Epoxy Floor Installers

    Low Maintenance

    From the garage to the driveway to the basement, untreated concrete creates concrete dust that damages not only your floors but also your vehicles and other belongings. When you add epoxy floor coating, metallic epoxy, or any other type of concrete resurfacing technique, you not only eliminate this dust, but you also seal a highly porous surface to make it impervious to stains, cracks, chips, and water damage. Your sealed floors are easy to maintain. A simple dry mop, a weekly push broom, and a quick spill wipe up is all this is necessary to keep your floors looking shiny and as new as the day that we install them.

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    Eco- Friendly and Sustainable

    Our products are sustainable because we use minimal materials. By using your existing concrete, we are able to bring in eco- friendly products to treat your floors and minimize materials used as well as waste. Also because our resurfacing techniques last such a long time, you will not have to reapply or repair your concrete floors for many years to come. In addition, your newly treated floors and concrete surfaces will block UV rays from entering your home. This acts as a defense against temperature change saving you money on energy bills by reducing the temperature of the room.

    Epoxy Flooring Services

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    Our Service Areas

    Epoxy Flooring Arkansas offers a large service area throughout Northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma. We serve communities throughout the area with high-quality and robust epoxy flooring for residential and commercial environments. Our primary service areas include:
    Our Service Areas:
    • Bentonville, AR
    • Rogers, AR
    • Fayetteville, AR
    • Fort Smith, AR
    • Tulsa, OK
    • Springfield, MO