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If you’re ready to give your concrete a great new look, we offer customizable concrete resurfacing Arkansas solutions to fit your budget. Our licensed, experienced, and well-trained concrete contractors offer endless solutions to protect and beautify any existing interior and exterior concrete. We welcome both commercial and residential customers in Arkansas with cost effective solutions custom designed to fit your needs and your budget.



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    What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

    Making repairs to broken concrete or replacing it completely can be extremely time consuming — not to mention very costly. If it’s just a surface-damaged or worn out driveway, patio, walkway, or interior concrete floor that you’re contending with, then there is no need to dig up the old concrete only to have it replaced from scratch. This is where our concrete resurfacing Arkansas services come to the rescue. Concrete resurfacing can provide you with a new and beautiful indoor or outdoor surface without the cost or hassle of replacing your concrete.
    Concrete resurfacing is available in a huge range of possible decorative designs and colors, enabling you to customize your concrete to fit your home, landscaping, or decor.
    • There are plenty of great reasons to consider concrete resurfacing in Arkansas:
    • Gives your concrete a brand new look
    • Protects your concrete from damage
    • Improves your curb appeal and home value
    • Cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete
    • Indoor and outdoor solutions
    • Industrial-grade options
    • Unlimited options in terms of color and style
    Concrete resurfacing is the process of giving existing concrete a new surface by repairing the existing surface and applying a coating or overlay — or transforming the existing surface in the case of concrete polishing. Concrete resurfacing options can be customized to fit your budget and aesthetics to give you a high-gloss, seamless new garage floor or a pool deck that looks just like wood planks or flagstone, for example.

    Concrete Resurfacing Options

    Did you know there are many ways to resurface existing concrete? Learn more about your concrete resurfacing Arkansas options for indoor and outdoor use.
    Polished Concrete

    Polished Concrete

    Our polished concrete floors can make for an amazing flooring option for commercial businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, offices, salons, and more. Both cost-effective and hard-wearing, polished concrete floors are also extremely low maintenance when compared to other available flooring solutions.

    When compared to other surfaces such as hardwood, tile, or carpet, polished concrete flooring provides much greater resistance resulting from heavy day-to-day foot traffic, and on top of this, it can also be customized with unlimited options to give you impressive results. Concrete polishing is also a permanent form of concrete resurfacing in Arkansas that can last a lifetime.

    stamped concrete overlay

    Stamped Concrete Overlays

    Offering all the aesthetic benefits of conventional stamped concrete but with the added bonus of not having to dig up your old concrete and start again, a stamped concrete overlay allows you to seamlessly replicate the textures and beauty of brick, slate, wood, flagstone, or any other premium materials to create the perfect-looking surface for your needs.

    Stamped concrete overlays are able to be laid upon new or existing concrete, and upon exterior or interior surfaces. A stamped concrete overlay can even being applied to walls or any other vertical concrete such as pillars or posts. Extremely popular for use on driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, and floors, stamped concrete overlays are also tremendously easy and hassle-free to maintain, minimizing any short-term and long-term expense and upkeep.

    concrete resurfacing contractors

    Traditional Concrete Resurfacing

    The process of traditional concrete resurfacing consists of cleaning your existing concrete, repairing the surface, and then overlaying the concrete with a new cement overlay product. It may sound extensive and like a lot of work, but not only is concrete resurfacing easier than breaking apart old concrete and pouring it all over again, it’s much quicker and more economical. Concrete resurfacing delivers a new concrete surface that looks as good as it did when it was freshly poured at a fraction of the cost and time of replacing the concrete. Many concrete resurfacers can also be customized with dyes and the finish of your choice.

    residential epoxy flooring

    Residential Epoxy Coatings

    No longer just a popular surface coating option in places such as auto showrooms, warehouses and other large commercial settings, residential epoxy coating floors are also making a huge impact in the residential sector thanks to the amazing aesthetics they have to offer. Far superior to concrete when it comes to durability and totally resistant to oils and grease, many homeowners are choosing epoxy floorings for their garages, patios, and interior floors

    With an infinite range of colors and patterns, including flaked effects and metallic epoxy coatings, residential epoxy floor coatings are able to provide attractive, durable, easy to clean, and hard-wearing coatings that can be added on top of existing concrete surfaces to add new appeal and truly give any old floors a new lease on life.

    Residential epoxy coatings are extremely durable and completely resistant to bacteria, oil, chemicals, weathering, and heavy foot traffic. As one of the longest-lasting and most dramatic concrete resurfacing Arkansas solutions, epoxy offers a long-lasting flooring solution that can deliver superior performance and a flawless appearance for decades.

    commercial epoxy floor coating

    Commercial Epoxy

    A high performance and cost-effective flooring solution, commercial epoxy resin floors are able to withstand even the most demanding of environments. In addition to updating your commercial space with a great, modern-looking, and durable floor, a commercial epoxy floor coating will also protect your concrete floor from spills, moisture, chemicals, and other concerns.

    Featuring unrivaled strength, performance, aesthetics, and durability, and all with an incredibly low lifecycle cost, it’s hard to outperform commercial epoxy flooring. We offer epoxy concrete resurfacing Arkansas for all industries, including medical facilities, retail stores, processing plants, offices, and more.

    Concrete Resurfacing Services

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