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Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating

The Affordable Flooring Option

A garage floor coating is one of the fastest and easiest ways to upgrade your garage space. It not only transforms the look of your space, but it can also transform your garage into a completely different and usable room in a brief amount of time. With low costs and durable maintenance, you can have a new space in a flash.



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    Versatile Flooring Solution

    As a garage floor coating industry leader in Arkansas, we are prepared to upgrade your garage floor within days of your initial price quote. But, garage floor coating can easily go beyond the four walls of your garage. There are numerous other places in your home or business that garage floor coatings can be aesthetically pleasing and economical for your specific budget. Our garage floor coatings can be installed in a variety of public or private spaces:

    When it’s time to reinvent your garage space

    it is important to ensure that you are spending your budget wisely. Garage Floor Coating Arkansas is ready to help you not only stay within your budget, but also to help you love the transformation.
    Garage Floor Coating


    Customization is a breeze for Garage Floor Coating Arkansas. When you make the decision to have a garage floor coating installed in your garage or any other space that you choose, you are making the decision to have:

    • 100% one-of-a-kind floor.
    • Garage floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors
    • Customization comes easy with designs and patterns that fit your style and decor dreams.

    If you are thinking boring grey concrete, you are in for a treat when you see what Garage Floor Coating Arkansas has to offer.

    Garage Floor Coating Arkansas


    Garage Floor Coating Arkansas provides you with the most low maintenance option for your garage or any other space that you choose. Concrete dust is a huge problem in standard untreated garage floors. The constant sweeping and cleaning is not only tedious but also takes up your precious time. It also causes unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles and tools. Also us to take some of the pressure off of your schedule by installing a garage floor coating that is easy to maintain.

    • No more constant sweeping
    • Hypoallergenic surface
    • Easy to wipe without special waxes or treatments
    • Stain-resistant
    • Oil-resistant
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    Garage Floor Coating Arkansas installs low maintenance garage floors that are affordable, making the easiest choice in your renovation or upgrade budget. Having a coating added to your concrete garage floors is one of the most affordable floor coverings available, and since they will last you for many years to come, you won’t have to worry about repairs or upgrade costs.

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    Low Maintenance and Damage Free

    Our garage floor coatings require very little regular maintenance. Wiping immediate spills and a quick sweep are all that is required on a routine basis. These floors are also extremely resilient to wear and tear. The coating creates a barrier that is resistant to chemicals, spills, and breakage. Epoxy coatings are great for:

    • Commercial garages because you focus less on your floors and more on your business
    • Showroom garages because epoxy is little maintenance and is better on your vehicles
    • Residential garage floors because they create safe and healthy environments with their low maintenance

    Highly Reflective Surface

    Garages can be dark places if they aren’t properly lit, so when you install a professional epoxy coating your surface will have a unique gloss that is known in epoxy coated garages. Reflective floors are great because:

    • Reflection on epoxy coatings increases visibility
    • Reduce power bills because of the extra shine
    • Create a safer environment with epoxy coatings and better vision
    • Unique elegance that can only be found with epoxy coatings

    Garage Floor Coating Services

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