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Epoxy Flooring Arkansas has been serving Arkansas for over 30-years and we have no plans on stopping any time soon! We install new glossy floors in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. If you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting floor, you’ve found the team to bring that search to an end. As true craftsmen, we love sharing our projects with our clients and we know how important it is to have a surface that you can count on. With us, you will receive:
  • A strong warranty
  • Variety of designs
  • Dependable technicians
  • Experience
  • 100% satisfaction



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    Angie's List

    Pool Deck Resurfacing & Concrete Polishing

    Two of the many services
    Pool Deck Resurfacing
    When it gets hot in Springdale, Arkansas, no one wants to spend time on a painful and unattractive pool deck because more than likely, it is also very rough to walk and stand on; however, if you’re simply looking for a remodeling job, are tired of what you’re seeing, or simply just need an update, we can do that too. Pool decks are important additions to your home, they can help you build memories with family and friends along with making the summer heat bearable.
    Some options you can receive from having a pool deck resurfacing project completed is having a deck resemble different types of materials, like wood, brick, stone, or tile but retain all of the benefits offered by concrete. There are incredible design opportunities! Our surfaces are resistant to pool water, including chlorine and salt, UV-rays, discoloring, natural run-off, and so much more. Call us now or head over to our homepage to learn more about our pool deck resurfacing.

    Epoxy Flooring Springdale, Arkansas

    Epoxy floors were once only thought to be for industrial surfaces, but our Springdale clients are hopping on the new epoxy trend! Most of our clients call for new homes and businesses because they’ve learned of the many benefits offered to them by an epoxy floor. Continue reading to learn more if you’re in the Springdale area! If not, head over to our homepage to find more of our locations and services.
    Metallic Epoxy

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Great for both commercial and residential areas, metallic epoxy creates 3D illusions on all surfaces. The best part about these floors? You will never have the same design as your neighbor! They dry completely differently each time and our technicians are trained on how to ensure the beauty of these floors shines through. Metallic floors are great for garages, businesses, living rooms, and any area that is highly used because they are resistant to impact, scratching, staining, chemical breakdown, fatigue and more!

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Garage Epoxy Flooring

    Our garages are important storage areas that house our cars and most of our appliances, so you need a surface that is going to be able to withstand the heat and the winters in Springdale! Our garage floor projects provide you with choices on colors, textures, patterns, and more. With an epoxy garage floor, you never have to worry staining or water because our systems are resistant to even the harshest of environments! Keep your garage looking great and smooth for your cars and your home.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    We know all too well how important it is to have a floor you can count on for your business! As a business here in Springdale, we will do whatever it takes for our business owners. For floors that pop out and make clients and customers feel comfortable to install an epoxy flooring system. These floors are resistant to wear and tear, scratching, staining, breaking down, and can be made to be a slip and fire resistant!

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Epoxy Flooring

    In general, if you need an epoxy flooring solution for your home, business, or industrial area, we are here for you. At Epoxy Arkansas, we install a variety of different epoxy floors that are capable of suiting any type of environment you’re looking to have them installed in!

    Concrete Coating

    Our option for concrete coating gives our clients a chance to choose from different types of flooring systems that will enhance their property. We know our clients in Springdale want variety in aesthetics and function depending on where they are having their new floors installed. We have everything you could be looking for, so don’t wait, call now or head over to our home page to learn more!

    Epoxy Flooring Services

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