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Epoxy Floors Arkansas has proudly served Northwest Arkansas communities like Bentonville and Tulsa OK for more than 30 years. As one of the region’s leading epoxy flooring companies, we deliver superior value, friendly customer service, and dependable epoxy concrete floors for all applications ranging from warehouses and retail facilities to educational facilities and residential garages. Whether you’re in the market for a garage epoxy coating to update and brighten your garage or you need a robust commercial floor system built to last, we can help with custom Bentonville epoxy concrete floor systems.



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    Epoxy Floor Coatings
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    Liquid-applied 100% solids epoxy flooring is well-suited for a wide range of settings. Once cured, it bonds with your concrete substrate to form a resilient and protective coating. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Bentonville, Arkansas use only industrial grade epoxy to deliver a long-lasting and hardworking surface no matter where it’s used. Here are just some of the most popular applications for epoxy floor coatings and areas in which our epoxy floor installers have direct experience.
    • Retail flooring. Epoxy flooring is ideal for everything from grocery stores and coffee shops to large retail stores and shopping centers. It resists wear, even from cart wheels, and can even resist spills. It also offers a decorative yet slip-resistant surface with a low lifecycle cost.
    • Educational flooring. Epoxy Arkansas has experience installing epoxy flooring in educational facilities where it offers a safe, easy-to-clean surface that’s bright, professional, and long-lasting.
    • Lobby flooring. From condominium complexes and office buildings to upscale hotels, an epoxy concrete floor is a great choice for a public entrance or lobby. To give your lobby a real “wow” factor, we recommend a metallic epoxy floor.
    • Warehouses and factories. While decorative, an epoxy floor coating also offers the strength, durability, and nonporous surface necessary to withstand even harsh industrial environments. It increases the tensile strength of concrete with an increased weight capacity. It also resists chemical spills and damage from forklifts and more.
    • Medical flooring. An epoxy concrete floor in Bentonville offers a seamless and nonporous surface that’s highly resistant to chemicals, harsh cleaners, abrasion, impact, and more. This makes it ideal for medical facilities, physician practices, and hospitals where it remains safe and sanitary for years to come.
    • Garage floor epoxy. An epoxy garage floor coating in Bentonville is one of the most popular uses for epoxy because it transforms a dusty, dark, and stained garage floor into a seamless, bright, and colorful surface. Garage epoxy resists gas and oil spills, abrasion, impact, hot tires, and other hazards and can last up to 20 years.

    Why Invest in an Epoxy Concrete Floor?

    We understand that choosing a new floor system for your home or business is a big decision. Whether you are considering epoxy flooring for your garage, medical facility, or retail storefront, epoxy has a number of advantages that are worth considering. Here’s why an epoxy floor coating deserves extra consideration when finishing concrete floors.
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    Seamless, Nonporous Surface

    Epoxy flooring is a unique floor system that’s applied as a liquid to prepared concrete. It bonds with the concrete itself to create a hard plastic surface that’s virtually nonporous and seamless. This means your epoxy will isolate spills for fast, easy cleanup and decontamination without stains. It also makes epoxy flooring in Bentonville a top choice for commercial kitchens, medical facilities, dog kennels, public restrooms, and more.


    No matter where it’s installed, cost is a major concern with a new flooring system. An epoxy concrete coating offers a low upfront cost as well as a low lifecycle cost. Epoxy can be very affordable in residential and commercial settings with a long life and minimal care for the best possible return on your investment. Don’t waste money on a floor system that is bound to fail, stain, or deteriorate in the next couple of years.

    Endless Design and Color Options

    Epoxy flooring doesn’t need to look sterile and commercial. Our Bentonville epoxy flooring contractors offer endless options to get the floor you are envisioning for your garage, lobby, medical facility, or school. Epoxy flake flooring uses colored flakes for a textured, colorful surface that resembles granite. A metallic epoxy floor offers the amazing illusion of movement and depth. We can also create custom designs with your choice of colors and even add logos, safety striping, and lettering.

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    Incredible Durability

    An epoxy concrete floor is hard to damage, even in demanding commercial environments. It holds up against foot and vehicle traffic, heavy machinery, moisture, chemical spills, and more without wearing out. It also increases the tensile strength and weight capacity of your concrete. With adequate protection in industrial settings, it can be used in wet rooms or areas in which heavy machinery and extreme temperatures can damage other floor systems.

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    Unbeatable Longevity

    The last thing you want to do is invest in a new floor only for it to show wear patterns, stains, and deterioration within a few years. Epoxy flooring offers longevity that’s hard to beat. Epoxy garage floor coatings can last up to 20 years with new topcoats applied every 5-7 years. In harsh environments, epoxy flooring can still last 10 years. Over its life, epoxy will maintain its striking color, seamless surface, and performance without showing its age.

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    Epoxy Arkansas offers a large service area throughout Northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma. We serve communities throughout the area with high-quality and robust epoxy flooring for residential and commercial environments. Our primary service areas include:
    Our Service Areas:
    • Bentonville, AR
    • Rogers, AR
    • Fayetteville, AR
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