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Epoxy Flooring Arkansas has been in business for over 30-years. We are the leading concrete company in the Arkansas area because we have the best equipped and most knowledgeable team around. We service residential, commercial, and industrial properties looking for concrete polishing and with the rise in technology and demand, concrete polishing is easily one of our specialties. For a radiant and effective flooring system, call our team today for more information.



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    Angie's List
    residential polished concrete floors

    Increase property value with a new and durable polished floor by 15%

    Residential, commercial, and industrial property owners have surged in the direction of polished concrete because of its many unmistakable benefits. In a commercial or industrial setting floor must meet certain standards and procedures on a daily basis and with polished concrete floor owners and workers do not have to constantly concern themselves with abiding by those conditions because concrete polished floors naturally keep meeting those standards.
    Residential property owners have switched to polished concrete floors because they’re just easy! When concrete is polished professionally, it is long-term and quite beautiful. Some more specific places that can be found with polished concrete floors include:
    • Garages
    • Kitchens
    • Basements
    • Living Spaces
    • Restaurants
    • Warehouses
    • Clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Malls
    • Retail shops/centers
    • Schools/Universities
    • Food & Beverage facilities
    • Business buildings
    The list is truly never-ending because the list of benefits of concrete polished floors is also never-ending. Regardless of your property, a concrete polished floor is the way to go!

    Benefits of Concrete Polished Flooring

    If you’re stuck on what type of flooring you want to install in your home, business, or warehouse, give us a call today! The benefits of polished concrete have become very well-known across the country and we are here to let you know what a professionally polished concrete floor can do for you.
    polished concrete floors


    Homeowners and business owners alike want to save money and many people are hesitant to spend too much money on a floor they may not have forever; however, polished concrete floors are not here to break the bank and you will actually receive more money in return if/when you sell your home or business. Money saving benefits include:

    • Low-price of around $2-$8 per square foot, all depending on the complexity and intricate details desired by the client.
    • Fewer materials equal to fewer installation fees
    • Increase property value with a new and durable polished floor by 15%
    polished concrete floor


    Many buildings and facilities are making the switch to eco-friendly flooring so they too can get a green stamp on their businesses. A polished concrete floor can easily achieve those standards!

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Fewer materials equal less waste
    • Without having to rip out the entire floor and install a new one polished concrete floors allow you to recycle and reuse your current flooring
    • Nontoxic waste
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    Most people do not realize that a polished concrete floor can create a unique and distinct flooring design. Concrete does not have to be dull and grey, polished concrete floors can be colorful, vibrant, and eye-catching. With its glossy appearance and easy durability, a polished concrete floor can mimic flooring, such as:

    • Tile
    • Marble
    • Wood

    You can also have polished concrete installed to have:

    • Colorful styles
    • Patterns
    • Textures
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    Easy & Simple Care

    When concrete is polished, it becomes a much stronger and resistant version of the original self. Concrete that has been polished is stronger and can handle:

    • Heavy Loads
    • Impact
    • Spills

    The only requirements to ensure that your concrete floor is cleaned nicely is to wipe up spills when they occur and periodic sweeping and light mopping. No more waxing or special coatings when you choose a polished concrete floor.

    concrete grinding and polishing


    The durability and easy maintenance are good enough for most of our customers but, a major selling point for us is the endless customization epoxy offers for our customers. With an endless amount of colors and textures, we are sure to please any type of palet or need you may have. We can go as far to put your companies logo in your storefront to using our epoxy to create arrows to direct forklift traffic to create barriers to mark safe zones for workers and pedestrians. Using a bright color with epoxies highly reflective surface will decrease the need for additional lighting, saving you money!

    • Chemical breakdown
    • Water
    • Abrasions
    • Mold and mildew
    • Oil
    • Stains
    • Grease

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