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Pool Deck Resurfacing


Pool Deck Resurfacing

Is your concrete pool deck starting to show signs of its age through stress cracks, stains or other forms of damage? Tired of pool deck contractors telling you that you have to tear out and replace your concrete slab in order to get it back into tip-top shape? Here at Epoxy Flooring Arkansas, we can get your concrete back to its former glory while saving you thousands of dollars and even weeks of time with pool deck resurfacing. Pool deck resurfacing can:
  • Make Your Pool Deck Safer
  • Repair Your Pool Deck
  • Completely Customize Your Deck
Want to learn more about our resurfacing procedure? We have all you need to know down below.



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    Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

    Why You Should Resurface Your Pool Deck

    No matter how well your concrete pool deck was installed, how often you use it or even how well you maintain it, concrete is always going to become damaged. Not only is this due to the high level of moisture it surrounds but also from the constant bombardment of harsh conditions it is exposed to outdoors with little to no protection. Thankfully with pool deck resurfacing, not only can we avoid a full pool deck replacement, we can save you serious money but there is so much more to pool deck resurfacing that you will learn down below:
    • Pool deck resurfacing can actually make your pool deck much safer. By filling cracks or replacing sealers/paints we can remove tripping hazards, increase slip and skid resistance and even make your deck cooler to walk on
    • Resurfacing your pool deck can even increase the value of your home by making your backyard more appealing
    • Resurfaced pool decking has been tested and proven to last 2-3 times longer than allowing the concrete slab to be exposed to damage
    • When resurfacing your pool deck, we give you the option to keep the standard micro topping or choose between a dozen of our award-winning and jaw-dropping materials such as pavers over concrete pool deck, decorative concrete overlays, and even Sundek

    How You Can Resurface Your Concrete Pool Deck

    As one of the top pool deck contractors in Arkansas, we offer a bountiful selection of pool decking materials that will fulfill any need or satisfy even the most stubborn. With such a wide variety of decking options, we have outlined only the top pool deckings that we offer down below:
    pavers over concrete pool deck

    Pool Deck Pavers

    Heres how placing pavers over concrete pool deck can drastically improve your backyard:

    • Pavers are incredibly durable and can withstand even the heaviest foot traffic and abuse from the outdoors but n the off chance a paver does break, it can simply be replaced with no hassle
    • Pavers provide a modern and simplistic style to your backyard with hundreds of different configurations they can be used in
    • Stone pavers are even resistant to the harsh chemicals that are used in most pools without a sealer
    concrete overlay around pool

    Artistic Overlays

    Heres what you can gain from using an artistic overlay:

    • Artistic overlays can be customized with a wide range of configurations ranging from colors, burnishing and even marbling
    • Thanks the natural texture of the concrete overlay coating system, your pool deck will always be slip and skid resistant no matter how wet or soiled it becomes
    • When using lighter colors of the concrete overlay, you can actually make your pool deck up to 30 degrees cooler thanks to our sealers effiecient light deflection
    pool deck repair


    Here is why Sundek has been one of the most popular coatings around the entire globe since it was founded:

    • In the early 1970s, Sundek was the first company to ever install the most popular concrete pool decking texture that is now used on over 50 percent of pool decking that is known as the “knock down” texture
    • With this knockdown texture, users will experience the best slip and skid resistance Sundek has to offer
    • Sundek also offers a wide range of stains, overlays and much more!
    Rustic Wood Flooring

    Stamped Concrete

    Heres what you can achieve from using a stamped concrete overlay:

    • From using a stamped concrete overlay you can craft finishes such as intricate paver patterns and even natural stone. We can even highlight these finishes by using stains that will create highs and lows resulting in an ultra-realistic finish
    • When using a stamped concrete overlay, you will be pleased to know that your concrete can have a much longer lifespan, approx. 2-3 times longer than any other traditional pool decking material
    • Stamped concrete overlays are even the perfect way to increase the value of your home as they are a highly desired pool decking material
    stamped concrete pool deck

    Endless customization

    The durability and easy maintenance are good enough for most of our customers but, a major selling point for us is the endless customization epoxy offers for our customers. With an endless amount of colors and textures, we are sure to please any type of palet or need you may have. We can go as far to put your companies logo in your storefront to using our epoxy to create arrows to direct forklift traffic to create barriers to mark safe zones for workers and pedestrians. Using a bright color with epoxies highly reflective surface will decrease the need for additional lighting, saving you money!

    Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

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