A guide to concrete floor finishes

A guide to

Concrete Floor Finishes

Over the last several years, concrete floors have been highly sought-after because of their incredible durability properties. These floors are longer lasting than any traditional flooring material including tile, wood, stone, and brick. Concrete floors are a chic-modern that can add a rustic twist to any residential or commercial area. It is important to know that not all concrete finishes are the same, up until recently concrete was thought of as plain and mostly used in industrial facilities but thanks to updates in technology, that is no longer the case. Explore the different types of concrete finishes and see how your home or business can benefit from such incredible flooring materials.
Polished concrete floors!
One of the most popular flooring options for both homes and businesses is polished concrete floors. These systems are simple and effective from a decorative standpoint and a durability standpoint. Polished floors reduce the floors susceptibility to damage, stains, and so much more. This makes them great for businesses with high levels of foot traffic and homes in their garages, kitchens, and more.
Concrete coatings!
These are great for interior and exterior floors because they provide a sealed surface that prevents contaminating chemicals from penetrating the concretes pores. Coatings are fantastic flooring finishes because there are so many to choose from. There are glossy and matte finishes that can be installed with different colors, designs, and textures. Add coatings to concrete surfaces like walkways, driveways, garages, kitchens, storage areas, warehouses, and more.
Paints, Dyes, and Stains
Paints and dyes are particularly decorative and can truly transform a concrete surface when it is painted by a professional. Paints and dyes can transform the lighting of a room and the entire atmosphere of a home or business. Stains are incredible ways to finish a floor if you know for sure that the stain is what you want for many decades! Staining floors is a permanent decision but it truly is one of the most affordable ways to update your floors.
Textures and Patterns
When you are installing a concrete floor, it is possible to have the floors resemble other flooring systems like tile and add aggregate to the layer. These are cosmetic additions and are not as protective as a coating or sealed surface.
Epoxy Floors
Epoxy flooring solutions are made to help residential, commercial, and industrial areas with their concrete floors. These systems offer floors that are resistant to slippage, chemical breakdown, water damage, impact, scratching, staining, grease, oil, fatigue, and are seamless. Epoxy floors can be installed with different colors, patterns, and textures creating beautifully elegant floors that are unique and sturdy.
Metallic Epoxy Floors
Metallic epoxy floors are 100% solid, they are the strongest surface you can apply to your floors! These incredible floors manipulate pigmentation in flooring systems that brighten up any space they are installed in. With benefits like durability, 3D illusions, slip, and damage-resistance, metallic epoxy floors can’t do you wrong! These brilliantly crafted floors bring a whole new meaning to decorative concrete floors.
Concrete floors are not boring, dull, or simply grey!