Must Haves For Millennial Home Buyers

Must Haves For

Millennial Home Buyers

Custom Decorative Concrete
Finally, we are starting to see the general population of Millenials starting to take the first big leap into becoming adults, home buying. But, in the current market, the homes we love are out of our price range so its time to start thinking about what we need in our beginner homes to make the push to a bright future as easy and comfortable as possible. We get it, there hasn’t been much knowledge from many sources about what you should look for in your home and possibly what you can add to your home to make it your own. We aren’t here to tell you about what curtains to buy or what color is in, no, we are here to tell you the must-haves for your home for the years to come with a few flooring systems that will set your home apart from the rest.
Choosing The Perfect Patio Coating
Stamped Concrete Patio
Studies have shown that indoor entertaining is a thing of the past and many homeowners would rather spend their time outside with their guests. This means that you are going to want to make sure that your patio looks the best it can possibly be. Don’t worry, even if your exterior concrete has become cracked with age, there are coatings that can get you around that. For example, one of the most popular patio coatings on the market is the stamped concrete overlay with its exotic and natural finishes that are truly one of a kind. Want to know what stamped concrete overlays are all about? We have the pros and cons of stamped concrete down below:
  • Mimics natural materials such as stone, wood and even slate
  • Provide a carefree maintenance regiment
  • Can last your home upwards of 20-35 years with proper installation
  • Will need to be resealed every 2-5 years depending on sun exposure
  • Concrete will always be prone to cracking over time
  • While mimicking natural materials, they are easy to tell apart from the real deal
A Modernized Interior Flooring
Concrete Flooring
When it comes to modern flooring solutions that won’t leave a sizable hole in your pocket, there is only one answer, polished concrete. Concrete polishing is an affordable flooring solution because it doesn’t require any additional coatings, it only requires that your current flooring is supported by underlying concrete! Polished concrete is achieved by using multiple passes of grinder wheels with increasingly fine grits, ranging from 100 grit for a matte finish to an 800 or higher grit for a super reflective finish. But, there are pros and cons of using polished concrete and you can find them down below:
  • Offers an ultra-durable finish resistant to many forms of physical damage
  • Is resistant to most stains, perfect for homes with pets or children
  • Due to hardeners used in grinders, has the ability to last your home a lifetime
  • May become very slippery when wet due to lack of texture
  • Will become cracked over time just like all other concrete
  • Doesn’t retain heat well, is cold to the touch
Garage Floor Epoxy
After you buy your first home, the first thing that you are going to want to do is protect and further the investment that you have made into your home. One of the best ways to do this is with a garage floor epoxy. Homeowners in the past have reported that by simply installing a garage epoxy, they saw a 2-5% increase in the value of their home when testing the market to sell. This leads to epoxy flooring offering an up to 70% return of investment, making it one of the most worthwhile home improvements that you can make. Another notable feature of an epoxy garage floor is that studies have shown an increase in the concretes lifespan of up to double when protected by an epoxy flooring coating!

Well, you got the hard part out of the way! Congratulations on your new home and we wish you nothing but the best of luck on your current home improvement and future improvements to come!