Pool Safety Tips For Your Family This Summer

Pool Safety Tips For

Your Family This Summer

Pool Safety Tips
Now that summer has started, it may be settling in that you need to make sure that you and everyone using your pool are as safe as possible so you can kick back and enjoy your pool this year. Pool safety is one of the biggest factors that should play a role in your home every summer. Did you know that between 2005-1024 alone there was a total of 3,536 unintentional deaths that were pool-related? That is relative to about 10 deaths a day from backyard pools alone! With that in mind, our goal is to keep your family from being a demographic with a few ways that you can make sure that your pool is safe and ready for summertime, so let’s get started!
Fencing Your Pool
Pool Fencing
Studies have shown that the biggest factor in pool safety besides constant parental supervision is the use of a fence around your pool or sectioning off the area of your pool. There are a few guidelines that should be followed when choosing your fence, not any old fence should be used. Down below, you will find a few of the ways to get the best fence for your home:
  • All fences around your pool should be a minimum of 5 feet tall to avoid climbing over
  • When using a fence with links or bars, they should be no more than 4 inches wide
  • Never use fences that have the resemblance to foot or handholds to make climbing over easier
  • If using a wider link, use slats to make the holes in the fence smaller
  • Never place benches or large stones by your fence as they serve as a stepping ladder
  • Not all homes are the same, call a professional for the best options for your pool and home
Covering Your Pool When Inactive
Pool Deck Cover
One of the best ways to keep your children out of the pool when they aren’t supposed to be using it is by using a pool cover. Pool covers come in a wide selection of variants that can fit any budget, whether it be for a pool, spa or both. For a spa, you don’t want to trust the floating lids that come standard with some spas. You will give yourself more peace of mind by using a hard top folding cover; a locking mechanism can even be used for the ultimate sense of security. For pools, your selection is going to be a lot wider. There are covers for pools that offer a manual cover that is anchored to the pool deck and automatic covers that are more costly, but make your pool easier to access when it is time to escape the summer heat. Some companies even offer net covers that don’t fully cover the pool but offer a safe and more affordable solution.
Updating Drains And Covers
Pool Safety Tips
Studies have shown that one of the most overlooked safety implementations on many older pools is the updating of the drains and drain covers at the bottom of your pool and on your deck. With the updated pumping mechanisms that pools are equipped with nowadays, you will find that a pool with an older filter will become a serious health hazard. These older covers don’t dissipate the high suction from your pump as from 1998-2008 there have been 83 suction related incidents, 69 resulting in injuries and 11 in deaths. Even the skimmer covers on your deck can become a health hazard if they are not replaced every few years. The plastic material can become very brittle with constant exposure to sunlight and can break even under a child’s weight, exposing feet and other parts of the body to the high suction located in the skimmer tray
Maintaining Your Pool
Pool Maintenance And Safety
When it comes to maintaining your pool, it is common knowledge that you should upkeep your pool at least once a week with chlorine to keep algae and other nasty bacteria out. But, there have been many cases of homeowners leaving chemicals out in the open after using said chemicals. Not only is this a severe health hazard to your children, but it can also be a life-threatening hazard to your pets. Always keep your pool chemicals out of reach from children and pets. Empty bottles and packaging should be properly disposed of ASAP.

Well there you have it, our tips for summertime pool safety for you and your family. Remember, always enforce your pool’s rules and even consider taking a CPR training course to be prepared for any situation that can occur. We wish you the best of luck and remember, stay hydrated!