Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Retail Spaces

Benefits of Epoxy

Flooring for Retail Spaces

The demands on high traffic retail spaces are tremendous, from lighting, heating, cooling all the way down to the flooring. Business owners often look for ways to keep their retail spaces and shops clean and tidy. They also need surfaces that are easy to maintain and hold up to plenty of traffic. Epoxy flooring is one way that the business owner in Arkansas can achieve all of these things. It’s a durable flooring system that can withstand the demands of business but can also be customized. Here are the top benefits of installing epoxy floor coverings for retail businesses.

Ideal For High Traffic and Heavy Loads

It isn’t enough to have great products to sell customers; they also want a safe shopping experience. Arkansas epoxy flooring gives businesses an advantage to create seamless walkways that are made for all the anticipated traffic they’ll see. Not only will they hold up to continuous feet moving from point A to point B in your shop, but they can also withstand the carts, machinery, and cleaning that inevitably takes place. They can also hold up to dropped items that often leave scuffs or dents in other types of floors. A business that ignores its flooring will likely see damages that are both costly and dangerous to customers. Businesses can also add different levels of traction to the flooring mix, so they become slip-proof. The last thing a retailer needs is a lawsuit due to a slip and fall incident.

Ideal for Maintenance and Care

Whether you have a small retail space or a large scale restaurant, epoxy floors are easy to care for and have very few maintenance requirements. Most cleaning crews can get these floors clean with water and mop. For tougher stains, we will share what products are safe to use on your flooring. Epoxy floors won’t collect dust as other floors do. Cement, or polished cement, tends to have this constant dust on top of the flooring. This can make the surface a hazard. Epoxy flooring isn’t susceptible to this sort of erosion and stays free and clear of dust and debris. Epoxy is a very clean material, keeping bacteria and moisture to a minimum as it’s not friendly to either issue. This is ideal news for companies that have strict sanitation needs, such as gyms and restaurants.

Ideal for Cost and Time Efficiency

Installation of floors is an investment, but epoxy floors are often more affordable and worth their price-points. When you take into consideration the cost to close your store, install the floor, and then maintain or redo your floors, epoxy wins every time. Many flooring systems take days to install, which means your shop will have to close for that process. With epoxy floors, many stores need very little time to be ready for customers. The curing times will vary and depend on customization, but the resins harden quickly by design. You will spend less to maintain your epoxy floors than you would with other flooring options. These floors are designed to take the abuse of foot traffic and cleaning for years to come. When it comes time to repair the flooring, again, you will have shorter downtimes with more affordable invoices.

Ideal For Brilliant Aesthetics

Any customizing option you place into your store comes with a price tag. However, this branding is important to the success of your business and how customers perceive its level of professionalism. Business owners can achieve a highly customized look with epoxy without spending tens of thousands of dollars. They can also customize the color and texture of the floors for another level of sophistication. Some retailers opt to have their logo placed in the entryway, for example, or have some patterns added to give the room some additional polish. Just think, if you have a children’s store, you can add characters and colors that children are most attracted to. For organic grocers, they can choose to mimic nature with a color pallet that matches the environment they are trying most to convey. The possibilities are truly endless, and you’ll be surprised at just how customized we can get with this product. 

Ideal for More Than Floors

Many of our customers have found other ways to use epoxy to bring life into their businesses. Because epoxy is so versatile, it can be used to showcase other aspects of your business. Some businesses have used it on their dining room tables to create easy to clean surfaces that look vibrant despite stains and repeated cleaning. Other retailers have used it on shelving to add a nice layer of polish to the look of their shops. We have even done a fair share of countertops where customers often place their merchandise. These surfaces can start looking worn out quickly, but with epoxy, they look vibrant and polished around the clock.

Do you have an epoxy project in Arkansas we can help you with? We invite you to browse our website for additional details about the process or connect with us today. We are standing by ready to help you make your mark on the business world.