Embracing Concrete with Customization

Embracing Concrete with


Custom Epoxy Flooring
Adding curb appeal to your home is never a bad idea, especially when you break down the property value increase that you will experience! Your driveway is the first thing everyone you know and don’t know will see, so take your time with it, and make sure that it looks better than ever. To properly resurface, redesign, or upgrade your driveway you do need good weather. Use one of these top 4 design options to upgrade your driveways aesthetic appeal and functionality.
Stamp it good!
Stamped Concrete
Stamping a residential driveway creates an illusion that your driveway is made of different materials. With a variety of options, stamped concrete driveways create stimulating appearances that will entice any passerby. But the best part is, typically, acrylic sealers are applied to the final product so your concrete driveway will not stain! That’s right, oil, grease, and natural sediment cannot ruin your perfectly designed and installed concrete driveway!
  • Preparation and installation of stamped driveways is done very quickly
  • Other than applying a sealer on a semi-regular basis, stamped concrete driveways are maintenance-free
  • Stamped concrete driveways can appear to be stone, brick, or tiles, but still, have the durability of the concrete itself.
Stain it, on purpose!
Stained Concrete
Have you ever wondered why someone’s driveway had subtle details in its color schemes, deep in the concretes texture, that seemed to just stand out because of its delicacy and beauty? Staining your concrete driveway allows you to upgrade your standard driveway into a highly versatile one. You have the choice between acid-based stains or water-based stains, these hues produce effects that are much closer to earth’s natural tones like soft blues, light browns, tans, and more.
  • Stained concrete driveways to not fade because the stain is part of the concrete itself
  • These surfaces do not spall or peel
  • Your faded concrete driveway is a permeant solution
Expose the aggregate!
For residential finished driveways, exposed aggregate is one of the top most popular options across the country! This is a finish that offers different colors, sizes, shades, and enhancements beyond your imagination. This surface will undoubtedly raise your property value and increase your curb appeal because of the variety of choices in its appearance. If you’re someone who likes to express themselves through their home, then this is the best choice for your driveway!
  • Creates a highly slip-resistant surface
  • Your driveway will be extremely resistant to foot traffic and extreme weather damage
  • It’s much easier to install and maintain compared to other decorative concrete surfaces
Simplicity poured right!
A poured concrete driveway is one of the most preferred methods of driveway installation because it is a low-maintenance and affordable option. This is a project that can be poured to create patterns or sections that allow your concrete to expand and contract to lower the possibility of premature cracking. These surfaces are highly sought-after because they’re simple and last for decades.
  • Provide standard coloring and appeal to larger groups of people
  • This surface is much more resistant to heat absorption
  • It is, environmentally, a much safer choice
Concrete driveways can be installed to compliment the exterior of your home and draw people’s eyes to your architecture. Your driveway should be helping increase your property value not lower it!