Sprucing Up Your Garage Floor

Sprucing Up Your

Garage Floor

Garage Floor Epoxy
Creating a fun and inviting space in your garage space is important to a lot of our clients but it is extremely important to clients who use their garages as workshops. A garage should be an area where your tools, your car, and you feel taken care of! Once the walls are painted the color that makes you happy, your tools are in standard or customized garage cabinets, the only thing left is the floor. A floor coating, cover, or paint is not only aesthetically important but physically important for your vehicle and the concrete beneath it. Concrete garage floors, when they are professionally installed and decorated, can transform the appearance and curb appeal of an entire home.
Some coatings range in their appearances and in their durability! Some floors are simply not properly prepared for what they’re going to be used for, so it is important to know what type of environment you’re going to be exposing your floors to before installing a coating or covering.
Some other options for protecting the appearance of your concrete include concrete flooring coverings! These options can include rubber coatings and more unconventional garage floor carpeting. Again, these both present pros and cons depending on what they’re going to be used for.
Garage Floor Coatings
Garage Floor Coating
Epoxy floor coatings are incredible garage flooring options because they offer incredible benefits! These coatings are perfect for heavy-duty garages that are exposed to extreme weather, constant use or are going to be a home’s workshop space. With this coating, your coating will be protected without a doubt and will also have the ability to be custom designed with whatever colors, designs, and textures you’re looking for. With high-performing epoxy floor coatings, there is very little that you can’t expose your floors too. Whether you’re tracking snow in on your tires, or the tires have overheated, or you spilled some cleaner on the floors surface, your epoxy coating can withstand all of it and more.
Paints can be applied to those who are strict budgets and do not want to stray. There are different types of high-performing garage floor paints that are inexpensive and have relatively long lifespans. Paints do not last as long as epoxy floors so they will need to reapply every couple of years.
  • Strong, 10,000 PSI
  • Durable does not crack or stain easily
  • Chemical breakdown resistant
  • Stain, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Customizable and easy to use in all types of garages
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be done by the owner
  • Are good options for concrete with minor blemishes
Garage Floor Coverings
Garage Floor Tiles
The best part about most garage floor coverings is that if you have the time you could probably install them yourself. Your concrete garage floor should and is recommended to be in tip-top shape before covering it up, so the only preparation your surface will need is thorough sweeping and vacuuming. All coverings hide cracks and go over all sorts of blemishes!
Snap tiles are stiff plastic that is also flexible so that can handle heavy loads. During extreme weathers, unlike painted concrete, the surface is less likely to damage due to extreme contractions. They come in extremely different materials and styles that can drain spills and snowmelt, they’re easier to clean and are extremely chemical-resistant.
Rollout mats are thick and rubbery, and they come in different lengths, widths, colors, and patterns. Mats are extremely easy to clean and just as easy to maintain. Mats should be installed by a professional because they can be stained or damaged by certain chemicals.
Interlocking tiles are typically 12 x 12 in or 18 x 18 in and are made of plastic that is extremely flexible and provides a lot of variety. These surfaces are super slip-resistant and create comfortable flooring for everyone who walks around barefoot! Damaged tiles can be removed one by one and replaced without having to rip out the entire flooring.
Rollout Mats:
  • Have an affordable price of $2.50 to $4 per square foot
  • Offer variety in design and color
  • Are extremely durable when properly installed
  • Can last for several years
  • Works well with all types of garages
Snap tile:
  • Can be installed alone, without a professional
  • Are strong surfaces that can handle rough usage
  • Range in price from $2.50-$4.25
  • They’re chemically resistant
Interlocking tile::
  • Customize your garage
  • Comfortable for bare feet
  • Are resistant to staining and damaging
  • Span in price from $2.50-$5