The Various Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

The Various Types of

Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy Floor Coating
The increase in popularity in residential and commercial interior designs including concrete floors has simultaneously increased the popularity of epoxy floors! These systems produce floors that can be designed in several ways and each offering incredible benefits for the area it is being installed in! Epoxy floors are in high demand by not only industrial facilities anymore, but they are also being installed in different areas of the home and different types of commercial properties! Find your epoxy below:
Self-Dispersing Epoxy Flooring
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
For areas that are under constant pressure from heavy machinery and food traffic, self-dispersing epoxy floors are great for these areas. Self-dispersing epoxy coatings are commonly used in some type of processing plant or other facilities where liquids are constantly being used because these floors can be installed to be incredibly slip-resistant.
  • These floors can sustain the weight of heavy machinery without cracking
  • Self-dispersing epoxy floors create very safe environments
  • These floors are great for facilities where liquids are being used regularly
Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring
Garage Floor Epoxy
If you’re looking for an easy fix and have concrete you do not want to replace, good news, you don’t have too! Install a self-leveling epoxy floor coating and create a flawlessly seamless smooth surface. These coatings are fantastic for commercial buildings, of all kinds, because they are extremely low-maintenance. You can use these epoxy floors in more places than you would think!
  • Kitchens and garages
  • Warehouses and facilities
  • Office and retail buildings
Mortar Epoxy Flooring
Warehouse Epoxy Flooring
If you’re looking for the prime picking of heavy-duty floors, you’ve found it, mortar epoxy floors are the best and strongest epoxy coatings for any area that has been damaged by pressure or impact. These floors are the strongest and most durable of all of the epoxy floors. The beneficial aspects of these floors are:
  • Can be used to repair cracks on a concrete surface
  • Installation costs are extremely low since it is installed directly over a concrete slab
  • This is a heat, water, oil, and stain-resistant surface
Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring
Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring
For large areas that need to be made to look more cohesive, a terrazzo epoxy surface is perfect. The resin cures with your concrete in 24 hours and is extremely light-weight, therefore, has been popular among areas where there are multiple levels. Some more interesting attributes are:
  • The colors do not fade or peel away
  • It is a nonporous finish, so it is not inhabitable by bacteria, mold, or mildew
  • It is accredited for being an extremely low-maintenance surface
Some more general benefits of an epoxy flooring system include::
  • Its affordability, ranging from $3-$10 per square foot
  • Epoxy floors can be as strong, if not stronger, as 10,000 PSI
  • These floors are resistant to chemical breakdown do not absorb toxins into the floor’s pores, making spills easier to clean up.
  • All epoxy floors are low in VOCs and are nontoxic
  • Aesthetically speaking, epoxy provides a lot of variety and versatility that other flooring solutions cannot provide.
  • Every epoxy flooring installation provides a low-maintenance solution to any properties it is installed in.